Dear Neervely members,

well wishers and sponsors,
We wish you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy new year. God bless you all.

Annual Competition Exam 2016 -photos

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Dear Canada – Neervely members and well wishes,

Just a friendly reminder regarding about the kids exam on December 11th Sunday 9.00am to 2.00 pm at JC’S Banquet Hall. we are expecting all the kids to participate the exam.
Jegan P
416 999 8411.

Our Beloved English Teacher and Guru Mr T N Punjaksharam……

img_3296-1-300x294By M .Thiruvasagam (London)

Of all the teachers I have studied under, Punjaksharam master stands out tall in my mind, although my time as a student with him was only a very short period in my  school life. It was in 1971 that I joined the tuition class for English by Punjaksharam master which he conducted in the front hall of Mr Sampanthar’s house Neervely Centre. This was my first experience of this great English teacher. I never had the opportunity to study under him before. I remember he had published his own English grammar book which was very popular and used by everyone. Thanks to him,  I remember receiving really high marks for this subject and attaining a Distinction pass. The following year he taught the  five of us English Literature.The classes were on Sunday Evenings conducted at Attiar Hindu College in the class rooms facing the sports grounds. There were two books that we were tested on. One was  Shakespeare’s Macbeth and the other was Jane Austen’s Emma.  Great books by two great authors. Not only were we successful in the exams but we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. He would act out Shakespeare’s drama and we  saw  how enthusiastic  he was about  the subject and in imparting knowledge. I have never ever come across  a great teacher like him. He is one in a million in teaching,  encouraging and  setting an example. As students we respected him and would dare not question  him. What a style of teaching!!!!! Enjoyable yet challenging!!!!  Read More

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Congratulations and best wishes!!!!

13346693_10154179991518389_9189964344918764812_n-300x300The world we are in the 21st century is a dynamic one changing dramatically and making all of us wonder about it!! News and information are exchanged and made available instantly through the use of Internet.People from our village too are now living in all parts of the world. is at the forefront of this internet revolution in its 4th year providing hot hot news about the happenings in our village in news picture and video formats. Mr Sasikumar’s part in providing this invaluable service is really commendable and praiseworthy!!

We hope this service will grow and develop into a very valuable bridge between our village and people all over the world. Congratulations and best wishes!!!!

M Thiruvasagam


AHC Old students and well wishers Association UK

We are proud of this accomplishment……


For the last 4 years all the marvelous news from our neervely village about all the schools, temples and other places in the village. We are proud of this accomplishment and everyday we have been looking at the news and how we have aided this village. I thank Sasikumar for his efforts with getting the information and helping us give the Internet to the people of that village. You continue to aid us in helping new neervely. With a few more years they will be able to have the luxuries that we have.

Thank You

Subeskumar Selvaratnam


Congratulations to….

nnnnCongratulations to for completing four years of success. have achieved tremendous growth and have built eminent goodwill in the community. have always tried to provide the best services to its viewers. Its services are always marvelous and appreciable. Neervely Welfare Association-Canada is proud to have your connection and look forward to continue in the future.
On-behalf of Neervely Welfare Association-Canada, Congratulations for your wonderful journey of 4 years of success and hope you reach to new heights in the future. I wish you all the success for many more years to come.
Your Truly,
P. Jegan
President 416-999-8411 Read More