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An Amazing Website………… -Ahilan from London

Well done!!! This is without doubt an amazing website. The statistics says it all! I read all Neervely news at least twice a day. In fact, I do not know where else I will be able to get the latest news on a regular basis. This level of quality service, consistently, with limited human and financial resources, for such a long period is nothing short of amazing. Of course everything in this world can improve, is not an exception. In my humble opinion what this excellent website needs right now, to take it to thenext level, is more interaction from readers.

I was looking at the statistics, there are on average 235 readers(well, 234 providing that I visit twice or thrice a day) visit this site daily but not many provide any comments on reads. I agree that not every read deserve comments but there are many that do! There is nothing wrong in providing feed backs, constructive criticisms, praise etc. It will all help to make this website even better than it is. Please provide your comments, it will show that you care, it will motivate them to provide even better service.

Again, well done,

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

Keep going, keep growing…………….