, நீர்வேலி மக்களின் ஒரேயொரு உறவுப்பாலம்

Congratulations and best wishes!!!!

13346693_10154179991518389_9189964344918764812_nThe world we are in the 21st century is a dynamic one changing dramatically and making all of us wonder about it!! News and information are exchanged and made available instantly through the use of Internet.People from our village too are now living in all parts of the world. is at the forefront of this internet revolution in its 4th year providing hot hot news about the happenings in our village in news picture and video formats. Mr Sasikumar’s part in providing this invaluable service is really commendable and praiseworthy!!

We hope this service will grow and develop into a very valuable bridge between our village and people all over the world. Congratulations and best wishes!!!!

M Thiruvasagam


AHC Old students and well wishers Association UK