, நீர்வேலி மக்களின் ஒரேயொரு உறவுப்பாலம்

Great success for the get together event…..

It is with close affection that all of us in the UK wish great success for the get together event organised by our friends from Neervey Welfare Association Canada in the city of Toronto. In this event, I am glad they chose to honour Mr Shanmuganathan who was a leading educationalist in his time in Sri Lanka. Mr Shanmuganathan worked together with others in our community to establish the Palar Nilayam 60 years ago. Today the Palar Nilayam also known as the Creche leading the way in early learning education and child development in Neervely. We wish our Canadian friends an enjoyable evening.

From M Thiruvasagam S Subeskumar S Selvanathan on behalf of Neervely Welfare Association UK & Attiar Hindu College Old Students and Well Wishers Association UK