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“Valaiyadi Valai” will be a good opportunity……Msg from S.Gowrisangar


Dear President and members of the Neervely Welfare Association Canada,
It is with great pleasure and pride I submit the message to ” Valaiyadi Valai” conducted by your association . This is the second global event conducted by our people living in Canada followed by the UK event “Kalai Maalai 2014”. I hope that “Valaiyadi Valai” will be a good opportunity to our people living in many countries to witness the above event via live telecast. I congratulate the President and members of Neervely Welfare Association ,Canada and web site to bring our people together in a global event .I wish “Valaiyadi Valai” event a grand success.
S.Gowrisangar,Retired Regional Manager / Northern Province,Central Bank of Sri Lanka